Microsoft Excel introduction to MACROS/VBA Coding

This course covers automation and customising of Excel using macros and screen items (such as buttons and menus). Delegates learn how to write macros using VB code and assign macros to screen items.

Course Outline
Excel introduction to MACROS/VBA Coding 1 Day

Who is it for?

Excel users who, at intermediate or advanced level, want to learn how to speed up and automate their work (or other users' work) in the application using macros.


Delegates should have a good grounding in Excel (any version) and be familiar with absolute Vs relative cell referencing, functions and formula syntax and sheet linking.

Introduction and the Macro Recorder
  • Introduction 2
  • Demonstration 5
  • Recording a macro 6
  • Recording a macro with absolute references 8
  • The personal macro workbook 10
  • Assigning shortcut keys 12
  • Deleting macros 13
  • Recording a macro with relative references 18
  • Exercises
Creating and Editing Macros With VBA Macro Functions
  • Macro storage concepts 2
  • The VBA program (the VB editor) 3
  • The program components 4
  • Storing and handling macros (modules) 5
  • Introduction to editing code 6
  • Copying and pasting procedures 8
  • Linking procedures together 9
  • Create and use a user-defined function 10
  • Auto-executable macros 14
  • Exercises 10
Objects and Dialog Boxes
  • Introduction to objects 2
  • The object browser 3
  • Using the object browser and searching it 3
  • Built-in dialog boxes 5
  • User defined dialog boxes (message boxes and input boxes) 6
  • Exercises
Introduction to Controls
  • Worksheet controls 4
  • User forms 6
  • Exercises 9
Appendix A

Selected VBA Procedures

  • IF…THEN…ELSE (Conditional Control Structure)
  • SELECT CASE (Branching)
  • The DO…LOOP control structure
  • The FOR…NEXT control structure

Tags: Microsoft Excel

About the Trainers

Qualifications - European Computing Driving License (ECDL) Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS) Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS), Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist (MCAS), 2 of our trainers have taken the Institute of Learning Management Train the Trainer Master Class Award. Every trainer has a minimum of 5 years training experience.


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"This morning I set up a Macro (as per Thursday’s advanced course) and recorded the whole operation so I could apply to future reports downloads and ‘wow’ this has really saved so much time -thank you."

Iris Vicary, Telent

"After taking part in the intermediate and advanced excel courses I soon booked onto the word training. Nicola was both helpful and technical. The courses were just the right length and I would strongly recommend."

James Harris, Critchleys Chartered Accountants