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AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Intermediate:

This course is aimed at existing users of the full blown AutoCAD package although most but not all of these topics apply to the cut down equivalent - AutoCAD LT as well.

Course Outline
AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Intermediate 2 Day

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2 days would be required to cover these topics based upon a practical hands-on approach to using the software by means of drawing exercises that have been developed over the years for a wide range of drafting applications. We would also be happy to incorporate any specific sample drawings you may care to provide.


Delegates must be familiar with using AutoCAD for the day to day production of 2D drawings and have a grasp of the basic functions of the software.

Drawing template files
  • Understanding the difference between a dwg and a dwt file.
  • Assessing the five main features of a dwt file.
  • Creating a dwt file(s) and understanding the importance of doing so.
Little known drawing and editing features
  • Quick select.
  • Irregular shaped selection windows.
  • Points and point styles.
  • Dividing and measuring objects.
  • Multilines and multiline styles.
Drawing Organisation
  • Using the layer tools to manage your layers.
  • Setting layer properties per viewport.
  • Creating and inserting blocks.
  • Understanding the importance of layer 0.
  • Understanding the benefits of nested blocks.
  • Editing blocks without exploding them.
Tool palettes
  • Storing blocks and hatch patterns for future use.
  • Storing default styles and properties for day to day geometry.
  • Storing default styles and properties for annotation.
  • Sharing tool palettes across your network.
  • Creating gradient colour fills.
  • Using regions and boundaries.
Plot style tables
  • Understanding the difference between a ctb and an stb file.
  • Creating plot style tables.
  • Using and maintaining plot style tables.

Tags: Graphic & Web, AutoCAD