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AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Advanced:

This course is aimed at existing users of the full blown AutoCAD package although most but not all of these topics apply to the cut down equivalent - AutoCAD LT as well.

Course Outline
AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT Advanced 2 Day

autocad certified training


2 days would be required to cover these topics based upon a practical hands-on approach to using the software by means of drawing exercises that have been developed over the years for a wide range of drafting applications. We would also be happy to incorporate any specific sample drawings you may care to provide.


Delegates must be familiar with using AutoCAD for the day to day production of 2D drawings and have a good grasp of the most functions of the software.

External reference files
  • Attaching, detaching, loading and un-loading other drawing files (xrefs).
  • Binding xrefs and the implications of doing so.
  • Attaching other files types (jpegs, tiffs, dwfs and dgn files etc.)
  • Using the reference manager palette.
3rd party file preparation
  • Using the publish command.
  • Preparing your drawing for e-mail transmittal using AutoCAD’s built in features.
  • Attaching hyperlinks to your drawing.
Drawing Organisation
  • Creating, exporting and re-using layer states.
  • Using the layer translator.
  • Creating and using fields to automate text.
  • Creating and editing attributes in blocks and title blocks.
  • Creating tables of information.
Dynamic blocks
  • Creating dynamic block parameters and actions.
  • Using visibility states.
  • Using look-up tables.
User co-ordinate systems
  • Understanding co-ordinate systems.
  • Creating user co-ordinate systems.
  • Saving and managing co-ordinate systems.
  • Creating and saving drawing views.
Lisp routines
  • Understanding lisp routines.
  • Loading and using lisp routines to speed up day to day tasks.

Tags: Graphic & Web, AutoCAD