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We are based right in the middle of England, in Northamptonshire, the perfect place to reach out North, South, East and West where we have training centre venues to help you wherever you are in the United Kingdom.

Our Courses

Here is a quick listing of the courses we offer. You could bookmark this page - our itinerary changes often and our tutors constantly update their skills absorbing the new features updated software have. Helping to keep you and your staff competitive using these great applications. Help your staff reach their full potential, call us today on 01604 784561 to move your company forward!


Advanced Excel Macros and VBA Programming

To elevate delegates programming skills to a professional level.


Microsoft Excel introduction to MACROS/VBA Coding

This course covers automation and customising of Excel using macros and screen items (such as buttons and menus). Delegates learn how to write macros using VB code and assign macros to screen items.


Excel Advanced:

Analyse data using Pivot Tables, Automate repetitive task with Macros and build on existing formula knowledge with Nested ifs and Text manipulation formulae.


Excel Intermediate:

This course is quite heavy formula based introducing Ifs, vlookups and linking data between sheets, also you will look at working with large amounts of data helping to sort, filer and hide data.


Excel Introduction:

Work effectively with Excel learning shortcuts, quick and clever ways to enter data saving time. Understand and create basic formulas and charts.


Excel Workshops:

Book hourly slots throughout the day, half a day or full day workshops to look at any specific areas in Excel you feel you need guidance with, the most popular sessions are for Pivot Tables, Vlookups and Macros.


Intermediate Excel Macros and VBA Programming

To explore further the object techniques available in the VBA programming language, focussing on best practices and efficiency of coding.